Lillypad where do I start. She loves people and is determined to get to them no matter her disability. Lillypad is blind she runs in to walls has a hard time finding you and has a firm tug on the leash. However this surly does not stop Lillypad from wanting a home just as much […]

Happy Donations

My little sister Leia saved 60 something dollars to go to petsmart and buy lots of stuff for dogs at the Humane Society. She made a lot of dogs happy especially these two little puppies hopefully you can make a life changing donation towards the Humaine Society today.


Today I am blogging about my first cat. This special cat is KaChow and he is new to the Humane Society. KaChow would get along with any kind of family. Also KaChow is SO BIG. He is very curious. KaChow is 8 years old. He enjoys windows, and wagging his tail off. Though this cat […]


Today, I met a really fun and energetic dog. Nilla is seven years old but she does not look or act a day over two. Nilla’s past is a mystery. But as I enjoyed Nilla, I found out that she loves people, kids, tennis balls, treats, dogs, and kisses. However, Nilla has a hard time […]

Meet the Happiest Dog Ever!

Rainbow Dash is a very energetic dog. You could tell she was the light of the Humane Society. She is not a waterdog (in other words she did not like the mini pool at the Humane Society). She is a dog that does not need to be outside all the time because she is so […]

Fillo and Sharonna

These two dogs were rescued from the Puppy Corral in Collierville, where they had been badly neglected. More than 10 dogs came to the Humane Society from there. I met two of these dogs today. FILLO Fillo had an infected eye and the Humane Society had to remove it so she wouldn’t be in pain […]


Picasso is an older dog. He once had a forever home with an owner who unexpectedly had to go to a nursery home. He was handed over to the Humane Society. Someone rescued him but he was returned to the Humane Society a year later because he was left alone a lot and barked so […]